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GEMM @ the American Sociological Association (ASA) annual meeting in Montreal, Canada

Dr Neli Demireva and Dr Wouter Zwysen will present GEMM research at the American Sociological Association (ASA) annual meeting in Montreal, 12-15 August 2017

GEMM presenters:
Cultural Barriers to the Successful Integration of minorities in Britain, Dr Neli Demireva

This paper explores the barriers to the cultural integration of migrants and minorities in Britain and in particular examines the question of whether growing presence of co-ethnics in the neighbourhood area has a detrimental effect upon the integration process. The results are mixed. Social integration is adversely affected by the presence of co-ethnics but the size of this negative association is dwarfed compared to the pervasive effect of living in social housing and in areas with few resources. The paper highlights the cultural integration, nay assimilation, leap that has happened in the 1.5 and 2nd generation compared to the first across ethnic minority groups.

Different pathways to labour market integration by motivation, Dr Wouter Zwysen


Given increasing public concern about migration and the current refugee crisis across Europe, it is crucial to learn which factors contribute to successful incorporation and whether these factors are the same for migrants regardless of their reason for moving. We study whether individual decisions to invest in the host country, such as taking up training, improving language skills, or naturalisation explain differences in labour market integration between migrants depending on their initial motivation. We use cross-national European data from the 2008 ad-hoc module of the Labour Force Survey and use an estimated dependent variable to analyse migrant gaps in labour market participation, employment, occupational status and employment precariousness. Non-economic migrants, and especially refugees, tend to do less well on the labour market than economic migrants. These differences are especially large for recent migrants. Over time, the difference diminishes however due to different rates of and returns to investments in host-country human capital. Labour market integration of economic migrants changes far less over time however. This paper highlights the importance of considering the heterogeneity between migrants and the way this leads to different labour market integration trajectories. This heterogeneity needs to be taken into account when considering integration policies.

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