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GEMM @ the RC28 Conference in New York

Dr Neli Demireva and Dr Wouter Zwysen will present GEMM early research results at the RC28 Conference in New York, 7-10 August 2017.

Full details of this event available here.

Papers presented:

Does the ethnic composition of a local area affect the labour market outcomes of majority and minority members in Europe, Dr Wouter Zwysen & Dr Neli Demireva:

A high concentration of minorities in a neighbourhood is often presented as problematic and a hindrance to labour market integration. In the literature two contrasting frameworks are often evoked to describe the differences in the outcomes of migrants and minority members: that of conflict and contact. Living in an area with many minorities may lower the exposure to majority members and thus the socio-cultural integration of migrants. Bonding ties are the opposite side of the contact coin which may benefit minorities through offering support and labour market opportunities. The relative importance of these mechanisms has not been established in Europe and may also differ depending on the larger institutional and socio-economic context. We use propensity score matching to compare natives, 1st and 2nd generation migrants who live in local areas with high shares of minorities to those who do not, using data from the 2002 and 2014 waves of the European Social Survey. Matching accounts for most of the negative effects for natives, but 1st and 2nd generation migrants living in areas with more minorities are less likely to be employed and work on lower-quality jobs. We find evidence that this is due to increased isolation and lower inter-ethnic contact for minorities who live in minority-heavy areas. This negative effect can be partly offset by resources within the minority community for 1st generation migrants, but not so for the 2nd generation.

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