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Social Inclusion Open Issue

Across the major immigrant societies of the European Union, EU-15 countries, migrants and minorities still experience economic disadvantage. This failure of economic integration poses significant questions about the utilization of human capital, the management of mobility and the competitiveness of European labour markets (Cameron, 2011; OECD, 2017). Using a variety of datasets, this special issue […]


When Communities are under stress, more research is the panacea

When communities are under stress, the ‘us versus them’ talk seems to rear its ugly head from everywhere – in the speeches of politicians, from our TV screens, in otherwise innocuous dinners with family and friends. In a world subsumed by anger and fear, the instinct to shout is strong; yet, the only answer can […]


Addressing the challenges of social cohesion

Understanding how individuals relate to the communities around them is key to addressing the levels of dissatisfaction and frustration that blight our society, according to research conducted by an Essex based project on growth, equal opportunities, migration and markets. The GEMM2020 project has sought to examine the challenges and barriers that European countries face in […]

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