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Briefing 6: Labour market effects of residential minority concentration

SUMMARY A high concentration of minorities is often interpreted as problematic for the integration of migrants and minorities, either because this diversity exacerbates conflict over limited resources in the local area or because migrants and minorities in minority niches would have less contact with the majority which puts them at a long-term disadvantage. Evidence concerning […]


Briefing 5: Immigrant’s careers in Italy, Spain and France

SUMMARY Immigrants are found to be employed in less skilled jobs compared to natives in all Western European countries. However, empirical analyses usually adopt a static approach, while in this briefing we analyse immigrants’ occupational careers along the trajectory defined by the last job in the origin country, the first and the present job in […]


Briefing 4: Immigrant-Native Unemployment Gaps in West-Europe

SUMMARY While the existence of substantial differences, across destination-countries, in Immigrant-Native Unemployment Gaps (INUGs) in Europe is well-established (Causa and Jean, 2007; Reyneri and Fullin, 2011), underlying mechanisms have not yet been clearly identified. Empirical analyses often take into account one or very few contextual characteristics simultaneously and are based on merely cross-sectional relations, a […]

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