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Briefing 8: Who benefits from host country investments? Evidence of heterogeneous labour market returns to host country investments by migrant motivation

  SETTING THE SCENE “More and more countries place an emphasis on providing tailor-made measures for migrants. Immigrants arrive with different educational backgrounds, experiences, socio-economic profiles and family characteristics… Not one integration programme fits the needs of all… An increasing number of countries have therefore developed targeted integration pathways to fit individual needs.” International Migration […]


Briefing 9: The role of recruiting agencies in labour mobility – the case of Bulgaria

INTRODUCTION This briefing presents initial results from the analysis of the qualitative data gathered in Bulgaria during the fieldwork in the first half of 2017. It focuses on the recruiting practices of public and private agencies dealing with international labour mediation. We use 12 expert interviews conducted in Bulgaria as a country traditionally sending workers […]


Briefing 7: Preliminary Results from GEMM WP4 fieldwork

FINDINGS The fieldwork of the six country teams in GEMM WP4 is over! We have 236 qualitative interviews of prospective and actual migrants (those already living in the four EU countries UK, Germany, Spain and Italy) and experts from recruiting agencies that have been audio recorded and fully transcribed. The overview of the sample provides […]

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