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Do males experience hiring discrimination in female-dominated occupations? An overview of field experiments since 1996

Previous research has documented gender discrimination in the labor market. However, within certain occupations and markets, female applicants receive a distinct advantage in the hiring process. We survey all major field experiments on gender discrimination in hiring published since 1996 for which nationally specific occupational gender distribution data is available. We match candidate callback rates […]


Different Patterns of Labor Market Integration by Migration Motivation in Europe: The Role of Host Country Human Capital

We study whether the acquisition of host country human capital, such as obtaining equivalent qualifications, good language skills, or naturalization, explains differences in labor market integration between migrants depending on their initial motivation. We use cross-national European data from the 2008 ad hoc module of the Labour Force Survey to analyze migrant gaps in labor […]


Ethnic and migrant penalties in job quality in the UK: the role of residential concentration and occupational clustering

Migrants and ethnic minorities in the UK are found to be disadvantaged in their access to work and earnings, but little is known about the characteristics of the jobs they occupy. This paper studies whether migrants and UK-born ethnic minorities attain similar jobs compared to their white British peers by clustering 17 indicators of job […]

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