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Report on ethnic discrimination across occupations

In this report we describe the methods employed for investigating discrimination across occupations, the differences in the call-back rates to the occupations included in the study, and the extent of variation both between countries and ethnic groups.  Note that fieldwork is still ongoing and that the results in this report are provisional.  More detailed analysis […]


Report: Overview of contextual and institutional factors for migration

This is the second overview of country-specific literature on the theme of migration in the EU covering the six countries taking part in GEMM Workpackage 4 ‘The lived experiences of migration’: UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Romania. The first literature review focused on the individual factors for migration such as gender, ethnicity and age, […]


Report: Cultural distance and ethnic discrimination in hiring behaviour. Results from a cross-national field experiment

We conducted a cross-national harmonized field experiment on ethnic discrimination on the labour market in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. In all five countries we sent job applications from fictitious job candidates to real job openings. The fictitious job candidates were either natives or had an immigrant background in one out […]

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