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Report: Inventory of datasets on individual factors

Both for the receiving country and immigrants it is important that migrants are able to participate fully and contribute to the labour market. This report discusses the main individual factors that affect this integration and presents cross-national and country-specific datasets, including syntax files, to study these factors in Western European countries. We discuss  the role […]


Report: Overview of recruitment methods and individual factors for migration

The country reports highlight the presence of the issue of migration in the public debates in each of the six countries. In the countries which attracts migrants from Europe and beyond such as the UK and Germany the public discourse on immigration often shifts between two narratives: on the one hand, an emphasis of the […]


Report: Review taste vs statistical discrimination

For decades there has been a lively debate among social scientist as to whether ethnic discrimination in hiring can be better explained by taste-based or statistical discrimination theory. In this review, we set out to describe the main theoretical assumptions on which these theories rest and to examine the extent to which empirical findings are more […]

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