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Report: Data set qualitative fieldwork

One of the activities of the research project GEMM focuses on the ‘lived’ experiences of migration. It builds upon the understanding that mobility is a complex and dynamic process starting with the decisions that are made before and along the journey and proceeding with examination of the challenges to migrants’ early adaptation, work and social integration, and the changes in their feelings of belonging and citizenship status. The research examines the impact of crosscutting factors such as gender, nationality, skill level and occupational sector. Using qualitative methodology of in-depth interviews, the study looks into the motivations, mobility channels and assessments that migrants make of the sending context, as well as of the receiving context – in terms of the climate of reception and levels of discrimination by employers, of the transferability of their own human capital and the success with which they will be admitted and encouraged to stay. The fieldwork of six country teams from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK resulted in 236 interviews in total.

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