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Addressing the challenges of social cohesion

Understanding how individuals relate to the communities around them is key to addressing the levels of dissatisfaction and frustration that blight our society, according to research conducted by an Essex based project on growth, equal opportunities, migration and markets.

The GEMM2020 project has sought to examine the challenges and barriers that European countries face in managing the mobility of those moving within, from and to Europe whilst maximising opportunities for competitiveness and growth.

Dr Demireva, coordinator of GEMM2020,  has been invited to address the 10th Global Empowerment Meeting, run by the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University.

The Global Empowerment Meeting is CID’s premier event and seeks to bring together 100 business leaders, policymakers and academics to discuss the challenges and possible solutions to achieving sustainable global growth, eradicating poverty and creating inclusive prosperity.  

Drawing on past and present research, Dr Demireva highlighted the importance of looking at the resilience of communities blighted by economic and technological change, and their limited resources.

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