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The main objective of this WP is to outline the policies and regulations in EU15 countries, Norway, the US, and Canada that regard the management of migration and the successful labour market integration of immigrants.

This package will closely relate to the main three data analysing packages and will assist in the interpretation of the results within the policy context of individual countries. The achievement of the goals declared in policy and legal texts depend strongly on their enforcement which can vary widely depending on the political contexts in different countries. Moreover, policies and regulations targeted at the general population may perform the same function as policies targeting specifically immigrants (functional equivalence).

Therefore, a better understanding of the embeddedness of the migration process within a policy context is needed and an overview of the changes in migration policies and regulations over the period of 2003-2014 across the countries of interest will be very informative and allow us to highlight trends and potential concerns. It will also enable GEMM to formulate solutions in our policy recommendations based on the understanding of both scientific evidence and the normative discourse.


Analysis of immigration policies, overview of policy indicator data sets, including the already mentioned MIPEX and ICRI, and additionally for multicultural policies the MCP dataset (Queen’s University, Canada; see http://www.queensu.ca/mcp/index.html).

The figure below represents the specific tasks


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