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Professor Marin Burcea

Ph.D. in Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology, Senior Researcher Specializing in Research Methodology, Community Development and Organisational Sociology

Dr. Marin Burcea is a senior researcher specializing in the methodology of social research, community development and organisational sociology. He has extensive experience of sociological research, most of which achieved as researcher at CURS (1993-2009 as full-time employee and afterwards on a project by project basis). Some examples of research projects that reflect the large area of expertise achieved by Dr. Burcea are: Life styles in contemporary Romania: Work, Health, Family, Religion, Environment, National Identity (2005); Perception and attitudes towards discrimination (2005); Monographic research of significant occupations to each economic branch: Evolution of occupations on labour market in the years 2010 (2006); Assertion of identity  and socio-cultural integration of  immigrated Romanian citizens  who work and reside in metropolitan areas in Spain and Italy, 2008; Economic and socio-cultural integration of immigrants in Romania, especially for immigrants coming from Middle East and Asia. Case study: City of Bucharest, 2008; Methodology to identify the length and structure of metropolitan zones in Romania, as well as consultation of relevant authorities regarding metropolitan association (2008-2009). He has also experience in working within international research teams, e.g. Monitoring the Social impact of the Social Mitigation component of the Mine Closure and Social Mitigation Project (2001-2004) and Social impact monitoring and evaluation of the Socio-economic Regeneration component of the Mine Closure, Environmental and Socio-economic Regeneration Project (2006-2011), both funded by the Romanian Government under World Bank loans and implemented by international research consortia including CURS.

Since 2009, Prof. Marin Burcea works with the University of Bucharest (as main job) and is currently teaching Methodology of scientific research, Community development, Methods and techniques of research, and Organizational Sociology.

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