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Dr Mariña Fernández-Reino

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mariña Fernández-Reino is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the CALMA project and on the Horizon 2020 project Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets. She defended her thesis entitled ‘Ethnicity and education in England: ethnic differentials in academic progress, expectations and choices’ at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in September 2013.

During her PhD, she did research stays at the University of Essex and the Institute of Education (UK), as well as in Princeton University (US). Her work focuses on the educational outcomes and trajectories of second-generation immigrants in England from a longitudinal perspective. She has paid special attention to the effects that family cultural values and level of religiosity have on several academic outcomes of immigrant children.

In addition, her work has also analysed the influence of perceived discrimination on how students form expectations about their future in the educational system and in their integration in the labour market. She has mainly concentrated on the integration of immigrant children in the field of education, though she is also interested in transitions to the labour market. She is a member of the Spanish team of the Chances project regarding the Spanish second generation, together with Amparo González-Ferrer and Héctor Cebolla-Boado.

Mariña Fernández-Reino has an extensive knowledge of the literature on ethnicity and immigrant integration as well as a solid training in quantitative methods of analysis.

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