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Mrs. Ionela Sufaru

Head of the Methodology Department at CURS

Mrs. Ionela Sufaru is the Head of the Methodology Department at the Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology – CURS S.R.L. Mrs. Sufaru has an M.A. in Public Opinion Poll, marketing and advertising, (University of Bucharest Department of Sociology and Social Work, Bucharest (Romania), 2006) and a BA in Sociology and Political Science, National School of Administrative and Political Sciences, Bucharest (Romania), 2003.

Further, in 2009 and 2010 Mrs. Sufaru attended training courses in Germany (Manheim) and Slovenia (Ljubljana) on Socio-Demographic Background Variables for Cross-National Comparative Survey Research in Europe, Paradata in Social, Accuracy of survey estimates: sampling, weighting, variance estimation and design effects in cross-sectional survey. At the end of 2010

Mrs. Sufaru undertook a 6 weeks internship at Inside Social (Mexico City, México) where she participated in the elaboration of an evaluation protocol for prevention of the negative effects of the urban project on city’s life and individuals’ security and also developed a range of indicators of families’ rights for the Social policy and human rights observer.

Mrs. Sufaru was also teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest for courses on The Practice of Public Opinion Polling, Marketing strategies, and measurement of Media Audience.She has relevant experience in assessing the urban development, evaluation of social programs, political sociology, international migration, and sociological methodology.

Mrs. Şufaru has extensive experience in managing opinion polling, analyzing quantitative data at advanced level, conducting in-depth interviews and focus-group discussions. Specifically, she has conducted over 400 focus-group discussions and over 500 in-depth interviews. Since 2003 Mrs. Sufaru have been survey coordinator, research manager for more than 100 (quantitative and qualitative) research projects on topics such as urban and regional development, business firms’ performance, international migration, media and cultural consumption, social inequality, political and civic participation.

Moreover, Mrs Stufaru has extensive experience of conducting focus groups and key informant interviews with various categories of people, ranging from ordinary people to officials of public administration and experts. He is a professional user of the MS Office and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and independent user of the Atlas.ti program.

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