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Inter University Centre conference/ International Migration: Trends and Challenges

GEMM will have a strong presence at the Inter University Centre conference: International Migration: Trends and Challenges in Dubrovnik, 1-2 June 2017 ; GEMM  presenters: Refugees, economic migrants and climate migrants: Cross-national migration as a global challenge, Dr Neli Demireva, Attitudes to immigration in different European countries, Professor Anthony Heath and Professor Gunn Birkelund.


Press coverage on outcomes of ethnic minority graduates

“Revealed: how ethnic minority graduates lose out on jobs” based on work by W. Zwysen and S. Longhi September 2016    


What do we know about discrimination in the labor market?

Hva vet vi om diskriminering i arbeidslivet? What do we know about discrimination in the labor market? Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, Lecture at  Fagforbundets  LIKESTILLINGSKONFERANSE, Eldorado, Torggata 9A, Oslo (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, Seminar on Equality of Opportunities) WP3 8 March 2016

*not directly funded by the action but related to GEMM tasks

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